Sophistication and versatility are the hallmarks of BhavyJ Designs. The modern woman lives a busy life with many facets: family, career, friends, and personal interests. So our mission is simple - find amazing fabrics from around the globe, and combine them with classic silhouettes and thoughtful details to create timeless pieces that you can feel comfortable in no matter where your day takes you.


You shouldn’t have to compromise on quality to achieve great design. We take pride in responsibly sourcing all of our fabrics and ethically producing our garments in the USA.  We strive to choose the best quality fabrics to create clothing that you feel both comfortable and confident in.



A native of Chicago and a proud Indian-American, Bhavana Jain has a unique perspective on the worlds of both Eastern and Western fashion. Altogether, her varied influences have inspired her to create beautiful pieces that reflect her independent style and cultural identity.

Bhavana Jain