East meets West. Literally. Globally inspired, BhavyJ Designs offers a new take on American contemporary wear by elevating classic Western silhouettes with the boldness that defines South Asian fashion. Subtly incorporating the use of vibrant colors, imported fabrics, sophisticated embroidery techniques, and floral motifs, we believe in empowering modern women through elegant and distinct designs.


You shouldn’t have to compromise on quality to achieve great design. We take pride in responsibly sourcing all of our fabrics and ethically producing our garments in the USA.


A native of Chicago and a proud Indian-American, Bhavana Jain has a unique perspective on the worlds of both Eastern and Western fashion. Altogether, her varied influences have inspired her to create beautiful pieces that reflect her independent style and cultural identity.


Shelbi Mascheri, shares the love of fashion design with Bhavana. She is a native Texan, who resides in the DFW metroplex. She has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of North Texas and has always had a passion for writing. Writing about the things she loves, like fashion, make-up, traveling and the like, have always been a dream and BhavyJ Designs has given her the opportunity. It started as just a summer internship, but now greatly appreciated and she is so excited that she is a part of this brand!


Bhavana Jain