Summer 2016 is starting off with a bang of color! We have four beautiful colors to keep your nails looking hot and in style.  Along with the colors, we have the perfect outfits to wear accordingly.

Coral is by far my favorite shade for Spring and Summer. It looks great on any skin tone and adds a beautiful pop of color!

Just like you learned on the color wheel, colors that sit opposite of each other on the wheel will compliment each other well. Matching corals with blues is definitely the way to go this season.

Turquoise is one of those bold colors you should not be afraid to wear! Again, it looks great in the summer time when you’re at the beach and getting that nice, glowing tan to go along with your new nails.

Turquoise is an amazing color that can go well with just about anything. It looks great with reds, purples, browns, black, you name it! It brings a fresh pop to whatever style you want.

Lavender is a soft, beautiful color that you can wear if you don’t want to go too bold. It is a color that is great year round but in spring and summer time it goes well with that beach wedding!

Lavender is subtle, you want to match with bolder colors like darker purples, blues, pinks, greens or black.

Last, but not least, we have nude! Nude has been a recent, fabulous trend. Lauren Conrad has a new twist on French tip manicures using darker nude shades! It looks amazing and it’s fun to mix it up and try new designs. Just adding a hint darker can make the tips look even brighter.

Nude can go with anything your heart desires! Here’s a few outfits to give you some inspiration!

So next time you are at the nail salon and think to yourself, “what color should I choose this time?”, think of our examples listed above.  Summer is the time to flaunt those nails!  Thank you so much for reading and we look forward to your comments!