It’s the time of year when the air gets crisp, the leaves change color and we add on a few layers to our wardrobe! Fall and winter is such a fun time to mix and match different styles. We are going to cover the colors to add to your closet and make-up trends for the changing seasons!


Olive is an earthy color that pairs great with a lot of things. On the color wheel, medium purple is opposite olive green and they compliment each other well and make each other seem more vibrant.

You can also pair with neutral colors, like black, white, grey or shades of brown.

Bomber jackets are one of the biggest trends for Fall. This olive green bomber is from New York & Company for only $42! Pair it like the model shown, or wear it over a purple dress.


Olive green eye shadow works for almost all eye colors. Hazel eyes and olive eyeshadow compliment each other best! The example below shows green and purple blended together.

Above is the Lacome Designer Eyeshadow for $18 and has a long lasting wear. Click here to see the top 5 olive green eye shadows.

Potter’s Clay

If you are ready for an earthy tone, this is going to be one of the hottest colors this season. Potter’s Clay hit many runways this year and is making its mark!

Above is a silk velvet potter’s clay shirt from Anthropologie for $148.

This shade is perfect for coats and knee high boots. It’s neutral so it can pair well with almost any color you’d like. Here’s how it was worn on the runway.

This shade of orange works well for eyeshadows. It makes blue eyes pop and accentuates brown eyes. It may be intimidating to think of using orange as an eyeshadow, but start with a subtle base and blend well. Click here to read about how to use different shades of orange shadows.

Anastasia Beverly Hills came out with a beautiful shadow palette this summer called Modern Renaissance for $42. Palettes are always fun to play with and all are different. This palette can make so many looks, from an orange smoky eye to a natural look with light pinks.

Airy Blue

Who says light blues can’t be a fall color? Airy blue pairs great with warm taupe and lush meadow, our other Fall 2016 Pantone colors.

There were so many designers who put this shade of blue on the runways this year. Let’s see how they were worn.

Using blue shadows can be tricky. Read here on how to apply correctly. Speaking of applying makeup, Jaclyn Hill is a wonderful makeup artist and started from posting YouTube videos. She now has over 3 million followers and is coming out with her own line of makeup in early 2017! Click here to see how she got the beautiful blue makeup look below.

Warm Taupe

As far as neutral goes, taupe is the queen. This warm shade pairs great with all nine Pantone Fall/Winter colors. How awesome is that? A color that matches just about anything you can think of.

Here is how they wore taupe on the runway!

Where can you buy this amazing color? Just about anywhere! Here’s a leather jacket from Express for less than $70!

When using taupe colored eyeshadow try pairing it with a bold red or burgundy lipstick. It will accentuate your eyes and lips.  Alternatively, go for a natural look and wear a nude lip gloss.

Urban Decay Naked palettes are the best for a natural look. Their new palette is the Ultimate Basics which includes 12 matte shades. Here’s a look.

If you want to see more looks on the Pantone Fall and Winter colors, click here for more!


Thank you for reading about the perfect color combinations to wear this season.

Tell us what your favorite colors are for the fall/winter season in the comment section below!  We would love to hear from you.