Fashion is a language that everyone worldwide can understand. You can be in Italy or Australia and a certain dress or handbag  could make a different statement. With this being said, when traveling to different parts of the world, it is good to know what kind of style is popular in the place you are headed.


The Netherlands

The Netherlands are known to have a simple, comfortable style. They are not flashy and like to be practical. Brand names are not very popular here either. Jeans and layering are the common outfits in The Netherlands.


Italy is all about being fashionable. The garments are worn tighter and more tailored to the body.  Italians are also about being comfortable too. Being out and and showing off your clothes is very popular. Bright scarves and furs are seen a lot during the winter months.


The French are some of the most trendy people around the world! After all, Paris is where all fashion designers dream to go. As chic as their style looks, they believe that less is more. Their style can be simple but still make a dramatic effect. Black is always a good choice, along with simple accessories.

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Japan is all about name brands!  Almost everyone owns a designer bag. The younger people tend to have eccentric taste. Brands hold a status symbol, so more the merrier!


Australian fashion is much like the people who live there: relaxed and easy going. Australia is all about being comfortable with the exception, of course, of having occasions to dress nice.

Of course there are many other great countries around the world with other fashion trends! We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about different countries’ styles. Share with us different fashion styles for other countries not mentioned above.  We would love to hear from you!