The holidays open many opportunities to dress up for the work holiday parties, family gatherings and travel. We want to make sure you know the do’s and don’ts for each occasion.

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family, eat loads of food and take lots of pictures since the family is all together. You’ll want to wear something comfortable so you have room for all the pies!

Most likely you’ll be lounging around, so pair a cozy sweater with leggings or loose fitting jeans and booties. Be modest and avoid low cut sweaters. If you are going to wear boots, try to stick with booties or anything below the knee, you don’t want to walk into a family gathering and give your grandparents a heart attack.

Read here how to wear your booties.

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After Thanksgiving, it’s holiday party season!  There’s a difference in attire for work and friend holiday parties.  For your work it’s ok to be “dressed up” ore than usual, but keep in mind to still maintain a professional image.

One way to do this is by adding a blazer.  It’s great way to add a professional touch to any dress or nice blouse and leggings with heels. Wear your favorite sequin top or pair with a sparkly clutch.

Similar sequin jacket is only $35 at Forever 21! Shop Lulu’s for the perfect gold glitter clutch for $40.


Now for the fun. The parties you go to with your friends! You might opt to show a little more skin since you are no longer around family or co-workers.

This adorable cut-out dress is from Express for $64. Perfect for the holiday outing with your friends.

Cut-outs are great, but make sure to bring a jacket!

This fur coat is Bebe for $189. Super cozy and soft.

If you aren’t interested in showing off as much, here’s another great option!

Pantsuits are great for parties and look totally chic. Venus is great for holiday attire. This pantsuit is only $21!

We hope you find all your wonderful holiday wear for every occasion. Feel free to post what you are wearing to all your gatherings. Happy Holidays!