Hello and welcome to the first installment of blog posts by Bhavy-J Designs! I want to use this space to share updates on my own clothing line, launch information, my personal fashion design journey, and everyday fashion/style tips.  When I asked women about the fashion topics they were most interested in learning about, understanding how to dress for their own particular body type kept coming up. Because let’s face it, shopping for clothes can be a nightmare! Does this dress look good on me? Should I avoid certain styles? What accessories complement different outfits? We’ve all struggled with these questions and answers can seem hard to find. Well I’ve got GREAT news… this guide highlights the do’s and dont’s for dressing ourselves so we can embrace the different shapes and sizes we come in!

Now it’s your turn… I want to hear from YOU! Please use the comment box below to share your feedback on what you found helpful and other topics you’d like to learn more about! And PLEASE don’t forget to pass on this blog to others who are interested. Let’s get this discussion going!


Bhavana (BhavyJ)