Fashion Week: BhavyJ Designs Take


Fashion's most epic week of the year just passed and we are going to recap. From the jaw dropping new designs, how BhavyJ will incorporate some looks, and to the questionable designs on how they reached the runway, we will highlight some trends from this year's Fashion Week. 

The smallest details can make the boldest look. Knots and ties were very popular for New York's Fashion Week. There were over a hand full of designers who incorporated this look on the runway. What is so exciting is that you can incorporate it any day! Tie a baggy shirt on long skirt to flatter your body. The 90's are making a come back and tying a jacket around your waist was popular on the runway too! 

Alexander Wang  Spring 2018 Ready to Wear collection

Alexander Wang Spring 2018 Ready to Wear collection

Now we already said the 90's are coming back, but there are some things that should stay away, like, fanny packs. Come on, these are not flattering and we don't know how they made it back to the runway. London's Fashion Week even named Gucci's the "It" Bag of Fashion Week! Did I mention they are over $1,000...

Let's step towards beauty. Some major trends popped up during Fashion Week in this department. Dramatic eyeliner and growing out your long locks were amongst a few. Hair accessories were shown in Mansur Gavriel, Fenty x Puma and many others. Bhavy J has incorporated these into the line as well!

A big reason why this year's Fashion Week is one of the best, is the increased amount of diversity on the runway. The diversity ranged not just from sizes, but race, gender and age. Fashion should be shared and appreciated by all, not just size 0, young females. It is impressive how the percentages rise each year. 

Ashley Graham in Addition Elle

Ashley Graham in Addition Elle

For more great pictures from all the fashion weeks, visit VOGUE.  Let us know what you liked most from Fashion Week!